Official sizes for images?

Anyone know of a good, reliable online source to find out all the official sizes of images for Facebook, Twitter and Insta please?



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Thanks Coothead, I did see those before, but wondered if there were official sizing measurements from the platforms themselves?

I don’t think there would be an ‘official’ size for most things… the general idea of social media being to take in any media, and display it as best as possible.

I assume of course you’re talking about general ‘photo gallery’ kind of pictures, rather than things like… a header image, or an avatar pic.

All of the above, plus profile photo, banner, etc, etc.

Well for things with fixed sizes, like profile photos and banners, there’s usually a statement on the upload page for the individual item that gives a suggestion for the size to use. For those that don’t, I would assume a standard aspect ratio that matches the orientation of the item in question (usually 1:1 for an avatar, 16:9 or 9:16 for landscape or portrait.)


Optimum size** : 110px x 110px.
Maximum resolution** : 180px x 180px.
40px by 40px
320px by 320px

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Are those dimensions for avatars, @saaifalee? Where did you find the information?

I have Researched on it @TechnoBear

I’m sure you have. smile I’m just asking you to provide a bit more information so that your research is useful to others. You haven’t said what those dimensions apply to, or whether the information comes directly from the two sites involved. Is there more useful information others could find from the same source(s)? e.g. banner dimensions.

There are around thousands of sites Where you can Find
these kind of literature There is not s single one to mention there are lots of those…

OK. That’s a bit disappointing, as there is no way to know which of those sites has accurate information. No everything one reads on the Internet is correct. wink

However, just to be clear, would you please confirm that the dimensions you have quoted are for avatars on those sites?

Try this link; it’s only a month old and still current, AFAIK.

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There’s no statement like that on the socials that states what you mentioned.

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