Office 2007 or 2010 installing error in win 7

installing error in win 7, error 1907. could not register font. verify you have sufficient permissions to install fonts, and the system supports this font" oh and my system is windows 7 ultimate
how can i resolve this issue.


Google is your friend.
A quick search turned up two helpful links:

I think there must be some file missing in the package .

My problem was caused by windows updates. I had a freshly built machine but office started failing.
From one of the links above i looked into the log file and noticed some issues with updates. I had slipstreamed the updates into my windows 7 installation, when i reverted back to the original image i get no problem.

There might be some permission problem, You should restart setup with administrative role…

The question was asked over a year ago and the OP’s not returned, so there seems no point in continuing this discussion.

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