Off-page signals are more important than on-page signals for SEO

I would say yes for ranking in google off-page signals are more important than on-page signals for SEO i had a client website client just allowed us to do off page SEO only i was very depress how we will raise their keyword position without doing on page but will great surprise their site is ranking on a keyword which is having exact 135000 search volume(very much competitive as well) and keyword is not even single time in whole page or meta, so through good offpage can very much useful but yeah on page is equally important for stable result

I think you all are correct. Overall On-page is just 10% of SEO rest being Off-page. But if you have a proper on-page optimized site it makes you stand out ahead of thousands of other sites that have bad or average on-page SEO. SO it cannot be ignored. Personally I give sufficient time to each page of mine so that nothings gets remaining. The Off-page optmization goes on but on-page is one time (if you are adding more pages to your site)

Yes, off-page signals are very important for ranking in google.But I think,without doing on-page signals its impossible to ranking in google.content optimiztion,URL optimization,meta tags,ALT tags and others are most important before doing off-page.

I can’t agree with this. My keyword density is through the roof so my content cannot be considered to be optimized, I haven’t done any url optimization, my meta keyword contains 30 keywords so that is wrong, and I misuse the Alt tag. I might also add that W3C validation reports 19 errors on my home page.
But I have worked hard on link building and 11 of my keywords are on Googles first page (7 of them are ranked high competition in Adwords).

If you read my post as i said we were not allowed to do onpage so my result was because of off page

Ok to turn this around, does anyone have a site that has onpage optimization but little or no offpage that is on page one of Google search for competitive keywords that can be given?

Sure, I have no problem with threads evolving once the original subject has been talked out. That question has actually been addressed on a diffrent thread -

The short version is that it’s very difficult to achieve and I’ve only seen it done for pages on extremely high Authority sites.

Yes I’ve been on that thread as well but there was only one example posted there and it didn’t fill the criteria I was asking for. Maybe both threads are talked out now, as that one turned round into more of a discussion about getting backlinks:)