Off-page seo link building tips

Hello everyone, started off my career at MBS Security FM as a digital marketing executive. Can’t really get how to create relevant backlinks for a security services website. Any help? I have already done social media platforms. Can anyone suggest some good guest posting websites?

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Congratulations for the job.

I can’t really give you any names but I will say that wherever you write, make sure to comply with the rules. Not every site will allow you to add you url and self-promote.
We don’t, as an example :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll find them bit by bit. For sure, you’ll be searching information about security and you’ll find the best blogs and forums to participate in, and those which may allow you to add your link

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Why’s an executive doing the gruntwork? hrm…

As molona indicates, it’s all about what is relevant to your site. Where do you go to get or talk about your information? Those are the kinds of places you’ll want to get your word out on.

Off-page SEO techniques and steps to increase your domain
Creating valuable backlinks. Creating backlinks is at the core of off-site SEO and is a technique that is crucial for any site with the aspiration of ranking on page one.
Social Media Marketing.
Guest Content.
Forum Posting.
Local Listings.


HELLO. congrats fro the job. there are so many activities you can do to promote your website. e.g you can start blogging. write quality unique content and post it on different sites. this will how you will promote your services and get backlinks as well

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Be consistent and patient and you’ll gradually climb to the [top of Google’s results]

Congratulations for your accomplishment. As we know, Off-Page SEO is all about link building and contextual backlinks give the best result to rank the website. And guest posting is the best method to get high quality backlinks. You can find the websites on google who offer the services of guest posting.

The phrases “guest post” and “quality backlink” do not belong in the same sentence, unless joined with “never, ever give”.

Any site that is advertising on Google for “services of guest posting” will have about as much credibility behind their links as this website has dofollow links. Which is to say, none.

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There must be about security services. Get a few links from them

For guest-posting websites, I would suggest you to use a tool called Postifluence. It will provide you with high DA guest posting sites, related to any niche of your choice. It's a very time-saving tool and helps to rank the site on top of the SERPs. You should try this out.

Yeah! “Get traffic that doesnt cost you a cent!” … and pay us 17$ a month.
Oh and btw, “One-time price is only during the sale. It’ll go to yearly recurring with a hefty price increase right after the sale ends.” (that’s at the bottom of their page thats 15 pages long. I’m sure you read that before you clicked on any of the 27 “buy me now” buttons on their one-page that’s long enough to fill a dictionary.

But i’m sure you read that. And believe it when they say your rankings will be “permanent”. And that you can get backlinks “hands free”. Cause i’m sure that’s true and not at all a directory scam.

Please. Please. Do some reading before you believe any post on a random internet forum that says “I suggest this”, OP.

A word to the not-so wise…

Posting spam links on a forum is NOT the way to get free backlinks. The post will be deleted and you will be banned.

(Not to mention that any reputable forum will mark all links as no-follow as advised by Google.)

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Building Natural Looking Links

  1. Build 15-20 links a day Only. …
  2. Keep Link Swapping to a Minimum.
  3. Use Different Text in Your Links.
  4. Keep Your Connections Relevant.
  5. Keep Your URLs Consistent.
  6. Use Your Primary Keywords in Your Anchor Text.
  7. Avoid No Follow Tags.
  8. Provide Valuable Content to Niche Sites.
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“Natural Looking Links”… so, they’re fake links, but you make them look natural.

At least you’re being honest about being dishonest.

Before I’d even start link building I would make sure your On-Page is 100% optimised. Otherwise even if you get high quality relevant guest posts, niche edits etc you’d be pouring money down the drain.

Topical authority, SILO’s On-Page optimisation and then start building links. But please not those cheap £5 gigs from fiverr lol. Fastest way to destroy any rankings.

Off SEO refer to the action taken out side of our website to increase the traffic of website .
Off page SEO tasks includes -
image sharing
book marketing
Business listing

Guest Posting
Press Release
Blog Commenting are the best off page SEO techniques.

Can we agree, for the… i dont know, 2000th time on this forum in the last 3 years, that
“Guest Posting”
“Blog Comments”
and “Social Media”

#1: Already posted at least 5 times in this thread. And in enough other threads that i could make every word of this post a link to a different thread that says the exact same thing.
#2: Completely unhelpful to the OP’s original question.
#3: As generic a response as you can possibly give.

These suggestions are not new, they are not informative, and they’re not getting you any form of recognition on this site. This site does not allow spam links, does not allow signatures, and any link you do manage to generate is nofollow so gives nothing to your site. So go away seo-spambots. Nothing here for you.

Build 15-20 hyperlinks a day Only. …
Keep Link Swapping to a Minimum. …
Use Different Text in Your Links. …
Keep Your Connections Relevant. …
Keep Your URLs Consistent. …
Use Your Primary Keywords in Your Anchor Text. …
Avoid No Follow Tags. …
Provide Valuable Content to Niche Sites.

Creating treasured backlinks. Creating back-links is at the core of off-site search engine optimisation and is a approach that is indispensable for any website with the aspiration of rating on web page one. …
Social Media Marketing. …
Guest Content. …
Forum Posting. …
Local Listings.

I take it that you didn’t read the previous post. :shifty: