Off I went to paradise :)

Just spent 3 hours there.


Looks gorgeous. Where is that?

The Caribbean… Those coral islands have always attracted me. I wish I could also travel in time, say 500 years back and see the real nature and Taino Indians. But this film has some places that might look exactly as they did back in those times.

You spend 3 hours, wow you surely have a lot of time, lucky boy

I’m not sure if this is really awesome or if I’m just being trolled super hard. I’ve gotta say - I’m pretty jelly. :wink:

Not necessarily - it could be like background music for work - quite relaxing, to be sure :slight_smile:


I didn’t say I watched every second of it… But 3 romantic hours with your girlfriend would make a huge difference… LOL)))

Following the YouTube link reveals:

Uploaded by LoungeVstudio on Mar 30, 2012

This 3 hour long HD broadcast features over 100 exotic landscapes accompanied by sounds of nature and beautiful relaxing music. Web: & The original master quality 1080p films can be found on the sites above. Available services - instant MPEG4/Blu-ray download (a lot of free stuff) as well as DVD online sale.

Today’s Relax TV Schedule

  1. Classical music video 0:37
  2. Holiday Lounge 06:24
  3. Japanese Garden music video 12:45
  4. Coral Lounge underwater clip 27:52
  5. Visit Earth 39:23
  6. Magic River film 46:14
  7. Shallow Water 1:16:32
  8. Beach Lounge film 1:20:44
  9. Hypnotic Lounge 2:11:55
  10. Liquid Matter 2:15:18
  11. Surf 2:20:28
  12. Caribbean Lounge DVD clip 2:38:42
  13. Cloud time lapses 2:41:03
  14. Relaxing music with sunsets 2:43:48
  15. The end 3:00:34

14 months’ work on this project resulted in hundreds of hours of relaxing nature footage, enough for a separate ambient TV channel. Even though we are not capable of a satellite / cable broadcast at this time, LoungeV welcomes broadcasters interested in collaboration. In the meantime we have Youtube subscribers to enjoy these scenic nature films.

Perfectly suitable for any indoor environment, the HD films included in this Relax TV broadcast can be used in a wide choice of settings such as waiting rooms, hospitals, spa centers, dental clinics, at home & office, as well as for yoga and meditation exercises. Simply for stress relief, these scenic landscapes with beautiful beaches, streaming mountain rivers, peaceful coral reefs and lush green gardens and other calming natural wonders will only have a positive effect on any metropolitan dweller.

This broadcast contains tracks from some of the most talented ambient music composers. All of the music videos produced by LoungeV serve as promotion for these artists.

Music credits:
1.“Ulrich Schnauss-Monday - Paracetamol” sound recording administered by: WMG Domino Records

2.“Plastyc Buddha-Traveler’s Delight” sound recording by: IODA

3.“Cliff Martinez-First Sleep (Bonus Track)”, sound recording administered by: Kontor New Media

4.“Sviatoslav Richter-“The Seasons”, Op.37bis: No 6. June. Barcarole”, sound recording administered by: The Orchard Music Koch Entertainment

5.Maurizio Giambrone

6.Raid Croydon

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Standard YouTube License

“LoungeV welcomes broadcasters interested in collaboration”

Does anybody have a relax channel of this genre? This would make a cool addition to any cable TV provider!

Now that was kind of funny…imagining sitting in front of my computer w/ my girlfriend, watching a youtube video for 3 hours…


Hahaha!! Sitting? I can search for Kama Sutra tutorial video for you.