ODP (dmoz) new domain name


i have a new domain name and i wanted to start over… this means same company name, but new website with new url.

do i have to REMOVE my old domain name from ODP (dmoz) before i submit the new domain name?

i read through there faq and was confused what they meant by multiple submissions :frowning:

thanks everyone

Please don’t follow this advice. Follow the guidelines.

You can’t actually remove a domain name from DMOZ. Editors do that at their discretion.

As long as you have a redirect from the old domain to the new domain, then use the ‘update URL’ in the category your site is listed. If the content is not available at the old domain, then the URL should get changed. Updates have a higher priority on the editors control panel.

Redirect … and submit the new URL.

than also after 2 weeks update URL too