Oddity Software Database Scams-Odditysoftware.com

I’ve bought a database from oddity software figuring i could integrate it into my site.

I purchased it nearly a week ago, i got a confirmation of the purchase.

I’ve called, and emailed them a dozen times. They never return the calls, and never return the emails.


Not just me i’ve looked online and have found half a dozen or so other pages dedicated to this company and their shady practices. Here is one at digital point.

A waist of $, now i’ve got to go to the bank and see if i can get my money back.

i’m surprised you didn’t do this before sending them money

Yeah… i know… was a dumb decision on my behalf.


Finally got a response from them. Seems their items are marked as spam, they say they’ve sent it already, but have resent it.

Ill post on the quality of the database in the future, downloading now.

I purchased a database from them after talking to a “Todd” there. I inquired as to how current the database was. He pointed me to their page for the database on their website and indicated that it was less than 120 days old.

When I downloaded the database it turned out to be 3 1/2 years old and is useless. Now they refuse to answer emails etc. I paid for it via my AMEX card in case this type of thing happened will do a chargeback today.

Avoid these scum bags they are not a legitmate outfit.


Yeah i agree the database i got was crap.

I’ve figured out what they do.

They run bots that compile data from various sites, and then sell the data.

The database quality really is poor with all sorts of crazy characters and html that the bot has picked up along the way.

I would definitely avoid this site altogether as well. :mad: