ocPortal - Where does .php regenerate a html

Hi, and I’m already sorry for my stupid question, but I’m really new on this.

I have a template, looks pretty much everything in .php coding, when I take a look in the source code though i see the HTML language.
My question is, where get this html written? I searched all folders of the template and see only .php and Java,… Do i miss something?

depends on the system you use, most applications use smarty or twig as template engine.

At the url requested by the browser.
If the url is www.example.com/index.php that is where the html appears, even if some of that comes from a separate include file referenced by index.php or includes within includes.

The server generates the HTML before it sends the page to the browser.

mostly I understand gandalfs answer. Now, If I understand it well… the message gets send in .php to take action… and the server responds, translating it into .html ? something like this? If You want to edit the HTML, you ave to edit the .php so it overrides via server the HTML? more simple… I see with firebug a problem encoding the page via view source or firebug… and I see in a line for example I want to add something, maybe a href for a link for example… how now can I do that if I dont find no where a HTML to insert my href ?

There are so many variations on how php can be used to create or present html that there is no one answer, it will be specific to the scripts/templates you are working with.
You need to give clear examples.

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right click/view source… line 1

how could I modify this?

Line 1 is the doctype. Are you sure that’s the line you meant?

well even that, where can I find this? line 1-15 for example…


here you see in the 4th box that it doesn’t recognize UTF-8,it appears in glyph, do you put also Charset in between the lines? not only in the beginning? thanks so much for your interest !!!

I don’t know, because I’m not familiar with OSclass. Presumably you have some kind of a document template?

it looks pretty much like a classic CMS… like WP… with a back end admin panel… however in my public html I see only .php and Java, definitely no .html…

You declare the charset once, at the start of the document. It looks fine to me. I don’t see any any problem with the boxes (unless I’m looking in the wrong place).

Thanks Technobear !!!
Yea its somewhere else,… when you click EDIT on a Classified the text appears wrong… check out the link here… http://e-vape.deals/now/index.php?page=item&action=item_edit&id=441

…ups…wont work for you…you must login and edit the text… no need to do that for me… I hope Ill get one day a response from the template author…

That link just takes me to http://e-vape.deals/now/. I don’t see anything different.

Edit: I see you’ve recognised the problem.

You could post a screenshot of what you see, in the hope that somebody may be able to help.

> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <html class="height-full">
>     <head>
>         <meta charset="utf-8">
>         <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
>         <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0">
>         <!-- Title -->
>         <title>Επεξεργασία Αγγελίας - e-vape.deals</title>
>         <meta name="title" content="Επεξεργασία Αγγελίας - e-vape.deals" />

and fund also this, where there is a STYLE css before the Charset.... could be that a problem? hmmm... dont know...even IF, thats how this topic started, I cant find no where those lines, no html files anywhere only php...

> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <html class="height-full">
> <head>
> <style type="text/css">
> <meta charset="utf-8">
> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
> <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0">
> <title>Επεξεργασία Αγγελίας - e-vape.deals</title>
> <meta name="title" content="Επεξεργασία Αγγελίας - e-vape.deals">

I was thinking more of the php source.
Most php will out put html, but what I’m asking about is how that html comes to be.

If you start there, you may be able to trace the source by following a trail of includes.
But this sounds like a CMS which I am not familiar with. Some CMS store content in databases rather than files.

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Thanks Sam, every answer is a little more knowledge for me ! really thanks !

Getting familiar with almost 5K files (including over 1K “.tpl” files) to the point that you know where something might be will take some time.

Have you tried doing what I suggested in your other topic?

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