Obscure URL and SEO question

I’m trying to rig wordpress to do something special in the url for the sake of SEO. My question is this:

I’ve found that in a url you can do:


And believe or not, $_GET[‘x’] is still “3”. (I didn’t know that would even work).

Now, obviously that’s not optimal, but what I’m trying to do in wordpress is unconventional, I’m trying push keywords into the url manually.

So, my two questions:

a) Just from a general URL perspective, does that comply with official url standards, or is that against the specs of http and urls.

b) will search spiders like that more than just regular ?wrg=soemf queries since it has a slash in front of it?

a) / is a reserved character (RFC 3986 chapter 2.2) so any standard compatible URL resolver would terminate the current sub-value at this point.

b) hm, not a question I can make sense of (mostly due to not being a sensible sentence)

I see. So, not only would the webservers ignore it, but probably the spiders too, then?

A second question, then- (and I realize this one a general SEO question, not PHP specifically, sorry)- I know search spiders prefer directories in urls, as in /ewrgewr/erge to queries, but how bad is the difference? (I guess I should go ask that in an SEO forum.)


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