Obama's car

I do not usualy post links like this but this one made my day:
YouTube - ‪President Obama's car gets stuck leaving the US Embassy in Dublin.‬‏

It can only have happend in Ireland - made me laugh. I wonder what they were thinking in the car!!!

The security to the right of the gate moved quick - away that is.

that’s a funny thing

It was on the news not so long ago,that is a very heavy car and wont be easy to move it.

I bet it is when they open the doors they look a good 6" thick.

I think they have so much armour that they weigh between 4-5 tons each that is alot of weight for a car,the best way to describe them is like a small truck chassis but with a stretch limo body on it :slight_smile:

I think the local councils are ramp crazy, they’ve no idea what they are doing half the time going by the state of the pavements and roads, that slope was ridiculous anyway, I’d do a better job myself! :rolleyes:

America! America! God shed his grace on … CLUNK! … D’oh!

That 's make me smile.

everyone got scared as soon as the car stopped

hmmm video not available anymore.

yes i also opened but no video available ?

yup - thread closed.