OAuth, Twitter, the WordPress HTTP API and You

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In previous tutorials, we took a deep dive into the WordPress HTTP API. We even went as far as building the following plugins to demonstrate real-world examples of its usage: domain whois and social data widget; CAPTCHA protection plugin for WordPress login, registration & comment; and plugin for stopping disposable email address signup.

In this tutorial, we’ll be introduced to the world of OAuth, how Twitter uses it for authorizing HTTP requests to its API and finally, building a PHP class powered by WordPress HTTP API that plugins can take advantage of when consuming Twitter.

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Thanks for the post! It was extremely helpful in getting my list feed set up. A small typo I noticed though is in the “set_get_field” function. I was getting an error that I wasn’t providing an owner_id/slug combo, even though I was. So I did some digging and here’s what I fixed:

$this->getfield = $string;

should actually be

$this->get_field = $string;

Once I inserted that underscore it worked perfectly. Again, thanks for the post!

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