OAuth Question

Hey Guys,

I’ve an application design question I’d like some advice on.

At my place we currently have a few different internal apps powering various aspects of the business. Each user of each app currently has one set of credentials for each application (there are 3 apps at present: weather toolbox, gallery toolbox and podcasts toolbox).

We’d like users to have 1 set of credentials for all toolbox applications. These apps are stored on different subdomains of the same master domain. e.g podcasts.company.co.uk | galleries.company.co.uk and new applications likely to be stored on a rackspace cloud set up.

Currently, I’ve a master database containing the credentials that each user can authenticate against - but the sessions are not carried across applications, so logging into one app, and going to another means the user is prompted for credentials (not ideal).

So my question is would oAuth be a good solution to this? Bearing in mind that future apps would be stored on a cloud server.

Can oAuth handle this? I’ve read a little about it but before I jump right in I wanted a quick sanity check.

I’ve also seen SimpleSAML too as a solution, but oAuth seems to be better supported in ZF which our apps are written in.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks