NYT Amazon Article - is this a reasonable way to run a business?

The article linked to below has got a fair amount of attention on Twitter today. Would you want to work somewhere that is run like this? Does it seem sustainable as a business model to you? I’d be interested in your views.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes there.


Flogging yourself to death so the big boss man can become the richest guy on earth? No thanks. :slight_smile:

Reading that article not only puts me off working there, but also puts me off buying their products.

I doubt you’d be surprised how many people I’ve seen saying that

I would last 1 minute.

In the interests of providing an alternative view, here’s a response from someone who currently works there…

Care to post the response for those who don’t have access to LinkedIn?

Thanks for the article, @chrisofarabia.

Amazon… Wow, what a disgusting place to work!!!

And I thought Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms were “cut-throat”?!

Glad I don’t shop there anymore.

@mikey_w It’s cross-posted here as well

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Also, see this letter from Jeff Bezos - http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/18/technology/amazon-bezos-workplace-management-practices.html

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We stopped shopping at Amazon over concerns about their treatment of workers, and the way they avoid paying UK taxes.


Compelling rebuttal, although he seemed to barely cover all of the cases of where good people got canned or forced out because they didn’t want to work 80-hour weeks.

After reading these articles and Amazon employee blog, I think it is pretty clear that there are problems at Amazon and that sins were indeed committed in the past.

One person speaking up about how they hate company xyz is maybe a disgruntled former employee. But numerous people speaking up shows a larger issue that fanboy Nick Ciubotariu either can’t see because of his newness to Amazon or because he has drank the Koolaide!

Regardless, I don’t like Amazon and won’t give them my business anymore. (They lost my respect about 10 years ago.)

we still have E-bay

Which is another major company doing huge business in the UK and avoiding paying its proper share of taxes.

No thank you.

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