NumericUpDown for HTML + DOM

I was asked to create something like a numericupdown control ( for HTML + DOM and only apply it when Javascript is available.

See the result here:

I’d be happy to get some feedback before releasing it to the public, so what do you think?


so…when javascript is disabled, the whole thing just won’t work? not very accessible.
may i suggest using a SELECT with a SIZE 1 as a basis, and adding any javascript to work on top of that? at least then, when js is not available, it will still work.
i can have a look later tonight to see if i can get a working example together, to make what i mean a bit clearer…

Err, when javascript is not available you have a normal text box, and you need to check it on the backend anyway, as you cannot rely on javascript alone. Hence it is perfectly accessible. Even more so, it does not add any markup that only makes sense when javascript is available.

A dropdown is not an option as explained on the page. Think of a case with 1000 numbers…

fair enough, need more coffee to wake up properly. :blush: