Number of employees at Sitepoint?

How many people are employed at Sitepoint, including management and founders, etc?

Thought that must be the case, funny though, and a chance to play with photoshop when should be working… :smiley:

And yes Spacephoenix, you’re quite right, that’s Google earth not street view.

@Hawk, are SitePoint HQ staff also 99designs staff?

@JJMcClure, that’s the “Google Earth” view, if you look at the “Street View” of the site, it shows a for lease sign on the building, the image must have been taken after the building was built but before SitePoint moved into them.

That is very weird.
That is where our building is… I guess this was taken before it was built - although I didn’t realise it was that new.

No, there are another dozen or so 99Designs guys. We all work in the same building (well, I’m only there occasionally - it’s a fair distance from here!) - along with the ~5 Flippa guys.

Thanks HAWK, Sitepoint has certainly grown to a good sized business.

Hi Fergal,
At this moment in time, if you count our Melbourne office, our San Francisco office, Matt Mickiewicz in Canada and me in NZ you get 28. That doesn’t include bloggers though, and we have new staff starting quite regularly.

I am the only member of the forum staff that is employed by SitePoint, so I haven’t counted moderators in that figure.

Something I’ve never quite worked out about Sitepoint is that if you look them up on Google Street view (48 Cambridge Street, Collingwood Vic 3066) they appear to be working out of an industrial sized red rubbish bin.


Maybe it keeps their overheads low.