Nudge in Photoshop 7?

Does anyone know how to adjust the nudge in photoshop 7 so that it only nudges by the smallest measurement possible please ?

If it helps anyone to answer, have looked more closely and it’s actually called the move tool.

Any help much appreciated.

Well you could always zoom in a use the cursors to move the object is that what you are wanting or do you mean you want to alter the tools ‘preset’ move increments.

alter the tools ‘preset’ move increments - would be preferable if you can. :slight_smile:

Anyone ?

The smallest nudge would be 1 pixel using the cursor with the zoom up high.
The move tool doesnt have any editable presets as far as I can see.

Thanks Spike, if anyone does know if it can be done for less than 1 pixel, without the bother of zooming in and out, I would love to know.

I remember in my DTP days, the program would allow something like 0.01mm movement :slight_smile:

Anyway, if anyone knows, please let us know. Thanks.

Photoshop’s smallest movement is a pixel, you can set how small this is by setting a high resolution per inch/mm and you simply move it a pixel by tapping an arrow key.

Photoshop isn’t designed to move items like InDesign or Illustrator so if you want this level of control you’re kinda in the wrong program IMHO. Instead, why not make your graphics with bleed and then place in InDesign or Illustrator for exact placement?