Now that is what I call fantastic customer service

A while back I was looking for some time tracking software that would allow me to track the hours that I work on specific jobs. I found a really great product from a company called Paymo.

It’s brilliant and free (provided you are a single user) and does exactly what I need.

A week or so ago the desktop widget just stopped working for no apparent reason. The day before yesterday I posted a ticket on their support site and got a couple of responses from the company within 12 hours. Their initial suggestions didn’t work so they hooked up a remote help session with me this evening and sorted it out within 5 minutes.

In my book that is pretty fantastic service for any company - and unheard of for a free product.

Go Paymo. You guys rock.

I’ve had good service like that from companies too, my ISP (Zen Internet) are fantastic for their customer support, I’ve been able to call them late into the evening and had issues fixed within 12 hours. The makers of SWiSHMax and Color Schemer Studio have also given me amazing support in the past. :slight_smile:

I agree that’s almost unheard of for a free product. I will check that Paymo and at least they will get some traffic and maybe another user as a result of your post.

Sounds great. But is it sustainable? Little companies can do things like that, but as they grow it gets harder and harder. If they really grow to a large size and are serving tons of people, it will really be great if they can keep up this level of service.

But at the same time I suppose that remote help is their routine job.

But that level of support should be the ‘routine job’ of any company. Unfortunately, that is not the case in many situations. This should be the norm, not the exception. Often you hear stories of very frustrated people and their long, not very successful, dealings with support staff.

I’d really like to hear more stories like Hawk’s.

Hmm. Really nice to here. But at the same time I suppose that remote help is their routine job. I had that same situation in the past and provider helped me remotely.

In any case +1 for them