Now here is a trusted market place for unique article

I have been in a research develop a platform where people can list heir unique content online .It is now a question of copy rights and content threat all over. Now unique articles are in high demand since recent SE logarithemic change.

Try squidoo, hubpages, blogger, or the free blog at Wordpress. Otherwise, get a domain and build your own website.

You can open a wiki page which are very popular. There are also several popular wordpress themes that allow this to happen.

open an own webpage thats mean buy a domain. it’s will be more benefited. Then post unique content.

Articles that inspire further action Such as Encouraging the user to click deeper Or click on a buy now button is where the real action is found. just putting up a bunch of content without a lot of thought can be a big waste of time. focus instead on content that sells, not just unique content.

There already are various platforms for posting articles, such as social media or free article submission sites where authors can be contracted as an affiliate and get paid for the content you create. I would go for a wiki platform or a questions & answers site if I were you, they develop faster than a traditional, passive article submission portal. If you choose a simpler pattern, you can also optimize it for mobile.

Yeah, wiki platforms tend to grow faster due to the constant adding and editing of the user base vs. a static article submission portal. You are better off using a wiki platform.

You don’t need to invest your money to develop this kind of platform, there is over 100+ place where people can share their quality content at free of cost as Shyflower suggested. then why new platform ?? Is it a kind of marketplace for specific writers ?? if yes then go for it

Yes I agree, there are lot’s of place where you can put your quality content without worrying of copying or stealing it from you. Here are 6 Tools To Protect Your Blog Content From Being Copied

You better use wiki platforms, other sites: squidoo, blogger, wordpress, they can’t protect your content, if you are using wordpress’s plugin Wp-CopyProtect, they can’t select any text.

Anybody that thinks any platform can stop copyright infringement on the web, hasn’t been working on the web long enough. All a thief has to do is view the source of a web page to steal the content. They won’t even have to mark it up to reproduce it.

If they want it bad enough, they can just retype it from the web browsers or a screenshot thereof.

Directing concerned writers to bogus programs is no help. The help comes after the theft. The only real help against copy theft is that provided by cease and desist letters and DMCA reports.

i think wordpress has lots of good templates. Choose one suits your concept and start your own forum. If you want a good paid website then buy a domain and install joomla or wordpress and start writing by your self which will bring people to your website and let them write.