Novice to Ninja Chapter11

I am thinking that the chooseOption() function is stuck in a loop. I put a Breakpoint at line120 then go through the function and option always equals undefined. It does not seem to be getting answers in the questions array???


//(function () {
//"use strict";

//// dom references ////
var $question = document.getElementById("question");
var $score = document.getElementById("score");
var $feedback = document.getElementById("feedback");
var $start = document.getElementById("start");
var $form = document.getElementById("answer");
var $timer = document.getElementById("timer");

////view functions ////
function update(element, content, klass) {
    var p = element.firstChild || document.createElement("p");
    p.textContent = content;
    if(klass) {
        p.className = klass;

//// Event Listeners////
$start.addEventListener('click', function() { play(quiz) } , false);

quiz = new Object();

    "name": "Super Hero Name Quiz",
    "description": "How many super heroes can you name?",
    "question" : "What is the real name of ", 
    "questions" : [
        {"question": "Superman", "answer": "Clarke Kent" , "asked": false },
        {"question": "Batman", "answer": "Bruce Wayne" , "asked": false},
        {"question": "Wonder Woman", "answer": "Dianna Prince" , "asked": false}

var score = 0; // initialize score

function hide(element) { = "none";

function show(element) { = "block";

//hide the form at the start of the game

function play(quiz) {
    //hide button and show form
    //main game loop
    //initialize timer and set up an interval that counts down
    var time = 20;
    update($timer, time);
    var interval = window.setInterval (countDown, 1000);
    $form.addEventListener('click', function(event) {
    }, false);
    var question; // current question
    //end of main game loop
    //this is called every second and decreases the time
    function countDown () {
        //decrease time by 1
        //update the time displayed
        //the game is over if the timer has reached 0
        if (time <=0) {
    function chooseQuestion() {
        console.log ("chooseQuestion() called");
        var questions = quiz.questions.filter(function(question) {
            return question.asked === false;
        // set the current question
        question = questions[random(questions.length) -1];
    function ask(question) {
        console.log ("ask() invoked");
        //set the question.asked property to true so it's not asked again
        quiz.question.asked = true;
        update($form, quiz.question + quiz.questions.question + "?");
        //create an array to put the different options in and a button variable
        var options = [], button;
        var option1 = chooseOption();
        var option2 = chooseOption();
        // add the actual answer at a random place in the options array
        options.splice(random(0,2) , 0, question.answer);
        //loop through each option and display it as a button
        options.forEach(function(name) {
            button = document.createElement("button");
            button.value = name;
        //choose an option from all the possible answers but without choosing the same option twice
        function chooseOption() {
            var option = quiz.questions[random(quiz.questions.length) - 1];
            // check to see if the option chosen is the current question or already one of the options
            //  if it is then recursively call this function until it isn't 
            if (option === question || options.indexOf(option.answer) !== -1) {
                return chooseOption();
            return option;
    function check(answer) {
        console.log ("check() invoked");
        console.log (quiz.questions[i].answer);
        update($feedback, "Correct!","right");
        //increase score by 1
        } else {
        update ($feedback, "Wrong!", "wrong");
        if(i===quiz.questions.length) {
        } else {
    function random (a,b,callback) {
        if (b===undefined) {
            //if only one argument is supplied, assume the lower limit is 1
            b=a, a= 1;
        var result = Math.floor( (b-a+1) * Math.random()) +a;
        if (typeof callback === "function") {
            result = callback(result);
    function gameOver() {
        console.log ("gameOver() invoked");
        //inform the player that the game has finished and tell them how many points they have scored
        update($question , "Game Over, you scored " + score + " points");
        //stop the countdown interval


Is this the function you are trying to debug?

function chooseOption() {
  // console.log(quiz.questions);
  var option = quiz.questions[random(quiz.questions.length) - 1];
  // console.log(option);
  if (option === question || options.indexOf(option.answer) !== -1) {
    return chooseOption();
  return option;

Try uncommenting those lines to see if quiz.questions is what you expect.


When I console.log quiz.questions is coming back as Objects. I am thinking I need them to come back one level deeper. They need to loop through quiz[questions].answers. I am struggling on how to set that up.

Option is always coming back as undefined which is causing the infinite loop.

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