November Photo Challenge: Springing and falling

That third picture is just amazing. Are you sure you didn’t enhance it? :eek:

Springing and falling? What else am I going to do with portal guns?!

Ok I didn’t take it but my friend did and that’s me in it. It’s not great technically as a photograph but I’ll post it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually had to tone it down, as it was too bright. The northern lights were so bright that it was lighting up everything around me - and there’s no streetlights where I was standing.

some pictures gets overexposed, as it is so bright - quite hard to get good pics of it, as it changes in both intensity and color/position.

This island, Senja, is IMO among the best places in the world to capture the northern lights.

I like to post something current but I could not think what to post for this thread. Yesterday I noticed this on my wifes desktop; it is an olde 2/5/2009

I think it covers the requirements: taken in the spring and falling!

Voted :slight_smile:

Congratulations to @ralph_m ; Your kangaroo sprang into this month’s winner circle. Great photo Ralph!

Well I’ll go hopping! (That’s an Australian phrase, meaning, Well I’ll be darned!)

Glad the pic gave people some enjoyment. I literally see these critters outside every day and think how many other people would probably enjoy being able to watch them. :slight_smile:

Me for one. I always think of people who live by these rare and exotic (to US citizens exotic) animals as having very special privileges. Not just Kangaroos but animals like manatees in the southern US, dolphins (world wide), and African animals such as lions, tigers, and elephants. One of the most wonderful privileges I ever had was to hold a baby cougar in my lap. Its fur was the softest, most dense, and luxurious thing I have ever touched and the little critter purred to boot. It was a magnificent experience and one I will never forget. Not so sure about Kangaroos or Wallabees, but I would love to meet a Koala face to face. :slight_smile:

They are funny little things. A lot of the time they are just plain drunk and sleepy, as the eucalyptus they eat/drink is kind of a narcotic. But when it’s feeding time (at the zoos, at least) they can suddenly get very exited and animated and run around all over the place. It’s a bit of a surprise, though, when you hear the sound they make. It’s deep, gurgling, guttural growl that’s kind of disconcerting—and certainly not cute or fetching!

I’ve only rarely seen koalas in the wild, as they don’t frequent the areas I live in, and they still tend to be a bit hard to find/see where they do live. So, quite different from 'roos.