NoteTab Problems displaying photograph

[QUOTE=TechnoBear;5596647]Hi GordonD and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I hope you’re enjoying learning web design. You’ve come to the right place to ask any questions you may have. I’ve never worked with MP3 files, so I can’t help directly, but I can steer you in the direction of the Photography & Audio-visual Media forum, and also the [URL=“”]Design Your Site section. Head over there and ask away - there is bound to be somebody who knows the answers. :)[/QUOTE]

Many thanks for your kind response. As you mention ‘photography’ , I have a question which you may be able to
answer. I have in mind to include a photo at the top of my Homepage. When I use Notepad as my editor, then check results on my browser(Google Chrome), the photo is displayed clearly. If I use NoteTab as my editor, the photo is not displayed on the browser. I get a message saying that the photo may be a 'binary’file.

Hmm - that sounds odd. I don’t use either Notepad or NoteTab, so I’m guessing a bit here. When you say you check the results in the browser, do you do that by clicking a link in your text editor (Notepad/NoteTab), which opens the browser for you with the page loaded? If so, try opening the page directly in your browser and see if that works OK. Preferably try with more than one browser, just to be sure.

I presume your photo is in JPEG format. What software have you used to edit it?

Entry#3: - to TechnoBear: Thanks again for your response. Re. checking results. In Notepad - as soon as I save an html file, Google sends a link to my Web folder. In NoteTab there is a link ‘view browser’ on the Toolbar. The photo is in jpg format.
Followed instructions in NoteTab ‘Help’ as follows: Set ‘Filter Binary Codes’ and ‘Enable Substitute Characters’. Didn’t solve the problem. I paid for NoteTab because it was recommended in Ian lloyd’s book, but it has been more of a problem than a help. You suggested opening the page directly in a browser - Sorry, I don’t know how to do that.

I’ll start with the last bit first, as it’s easy. :slight_smile:

Either open Google Chrome, and from the File menu choose Open File and navigate to where your file is saved on your computer, or find the file, right-click it, and choose “Open with Google Chrome”.

If the photo is correctly inserted in the page, there should be no problem with it displaying, and no need to change any settings in NoteTab, I would have thought. (As I say, I’ve never used NoteTab.)

See if you can open the file directly, and if the photo doesn’t display, then post the code that you’re using so we can check it for you.

Entry#4: to TechnoBear, Thanks again for your time. When the file is set to be opened by Google Chrome the photo is displayed perfectly. When set to be opened by Notetab all I get is “WARNING (name of photo)jpg may be a Binary file.
549 non-text characters have been converted to (Alt+0183).”
I have written to NoteTab Support - no relpy yet. 'Will let you know if I get any helpful info. In the meantime I can carry on using Notepad.

Well that’s reassuring - it seems as if your image is OK and inserted correctly.

That does sound as if there’s a setting wrong somewhere, and NoteTab is trying to open the JPEG as a text file. Hopefully somebody round here is familiar with NotePad and can help out.

That would be great, as it would help anybody else who comes along with a similar problem.

Entry #5…to TechnoBear. The reply from NoteTab’Support’ was almost word for word repetition of the ‘WARNING’ message that I keep getting about BINARY FILES and the possibility of setting ‘FILTER BINARY FILES’. However, I found an option on the ‘MODIFY’ menu viz 'Convert to Ascii Text. After clicking that the photograph was displayed. Success!

Excellent. :slight_smile: And thank you for posting the solution, in case anybody else runs into the same problem.