Notepad++ Basic

Does NotePad++ have a add-on so one can save a file in Basic (*.bas) ?

Why don’t you go to File > Save As > Save As Type: All Types (.) and then save the filename with the .bas extension? :slight_smile:

That can work, but does NotePad++ have an option to execute a Basic program ? Notepad++ does not have an option to run Basic scripts, only executables.

That’s because basic scripts need to be compiled, and Notepad++ is not an IDE, it doesn’t have compilers for programming languages. :slight_smile:

True, but JustBasic can, that is the functionality I want in Notepad++

I guess you could code yourself an add-on, but it’s beyond what most people would use Notepad++ for, so its probably not going to happen. :slight_smile:

It would be nice…!