Note working Target blank properly when using biggerlink jQuery plugin v 1.0

hi Pals,
I have a problem regarding the “target” attribute of “a” tag. in my code I use biggerlink jQuery script to give link to p element without come HTML validation problem. I pass the “target” value from PHP to smarty template , but it’s not working , When I remove "biggerlink " it works but the link in <p> tag not working . My Tpl file is :

{if not empty($campaign)}
<div class="securti-adv biggerlink">
	{if not empty ($}
		<a href="{$campaign.url}" 

{if n($campaign.linkTarget)}target=“{$campaign.linkTarget}”{/if}

			<img src="{$campaign.image}" title="{$campaign.title1 + $campaign.title2}" alt="{$campaign.title1 + $campaign.title2}" />	</a>
	<div class="details">
		{if not empty ($campaign.title1) || not empty ($campaign.sub_title)}
			<a href="{$campaign.url}" 

{if not empty($campaign.linkTarget)}target=“{$campaign.linkTarget}”{/if}

 title="{$campaign.title1 + $campaign.title2}">
				 {text2image styleSlug=$campaign.titleStyle1 text=$campaign.title1}
				 {text2image styleSlug=$campaign.titleStyle2 text=$campaign.title2}
				 <span><img src="{$imagesDir}/btn-campaign-meet-security-advisor.png" alt="" title="" /></span>

<p> {text2image styleSlug=$campaign.subtitleStyle text=$campaign.subTitle}</p>


<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

My plugin code is :

(function($) {
	$.fn.biggerlink = function(options) {

		// Default settings
		var settings = {
			hoverclass:'hover', // class added to parent element on hover
			clickableclass:'hot', // class added to parent element with behaviour
			follow: true	// follow link? Set to false for js popups
		if(options) {
			$.extend(settings, options);
			 return $('a',this).length > 0;


			// Add title of first link with title to parent
			$(this).attr('title', $('a[title]:first',this).attr('title'));

			// hover and trigger contained anchor event on click
				window.status = $('a:first',this).attr('href');
				window.status = '';

			// triggerable events on anchor itself

				$(this).parents('.'+ settings.clickableclass).addClass(settings.hoverclass);
				$(this).parents('.'+ settings.clickableclass).removeClass(settings.hoverclass);

				if(settings.follow == true)
					window.location = this.href;
				e.stopPropagation(); // stop event bubbling to parent

				$(this).parents('.'+ settings.clickableclass).find('a:first').trigger('click');
				return false;
		return this;

the value of “target” , “_blank” is not work … I highlight the code part regarding this, please check and give me a solution ASAP. You can mail me at :

Anes :wink: