Note tab light

Hi All
i am a rookie at this I am up to page 251 on build own site the right way
I am using note tab light but I don’t know were to open text editor for the form
I have open a start html but i have to delete some mark up to make it look like it is in the book:blush: the page loads up correctly but when i i submit the from i don’t get the same read out in the address bar .

It’s unlikely you will get exactly the same readout as the following:

When you press submit when loaded in the browser; it just appends the text, adds a question mark ? (and variables) after the simpleform.html filename.

For example if I enter: Robert Wellock the URL would become: […] simpleform.html?yourname=Robert+Wellock

At that stage the form should be one single file called: simpleform.html :slight_smile:

Thank you Robert
Thats what I am getting :smiley:
I can move on now
Thanks again

No worries. :smiley: