Not working: Dyanmically including a script where the js contains http redirection

Hi All,

I need desperate help here.

I have a javascript file which will be included on an event occurrence in the document. So once the js script got loaded it is getting executed but the problem is inside the script it is adding elements like iframe or img to the DOM tree so the browser trying to request source for iframe/img till here it is fine. Then onwards the browser is waiting for the response and not coming out. It is in Firefox. In HttpFox plugin I found the URL being requested from iframe/img and I directly hit from browser it is getting redirected to different page where some response is coming.

I dont know what these js files are doing and the requirement is also not clear. Only thing I know about this is the included js is related to the google adserver. This is a client requirement I have to do this. Please help.

Thanks in advance,