Not using css; frowned upon or a big no no?


Just wondering going through others sources and it seems there are alot of websites out there that don’t use css to style their whole website. Is this wrong or just frowned upon?

Since HTML is meant to be structural and not presentational in nature it should NOT be used for purely layout positioning. CSS should be used for the styling a page so it is certainly frowned upon and bad practice if web authors are; misusing tags to position, or using deprecated presentational elements for such purposes.

A big no no.

It’s really not an option, it’s 10 times harder to style every individual element with style attributes than putting all the styles into CSS.
There’s also no way to apply styles for things like hover/focus states outside of css.

It’s the job of CSS to style a site. Doing it any other way is using the wrong tool. Any sites out there not using CSS for styling would be considered old, outdated or unprofessional.

It depends what you mean by “not using CSS” … do you mean that they use layout tables? Or something else?