Not sure what to do with these Google Analytics numbers

These are my numbers over 6 days for my feed reader. Of the 99 users, only 2 actually saved a feed - which is the point of the site. I’m stuck because it’s clearly being used, just not the way I intended (definitely not a bad thing).

Because the site is heavy on AJAX, each page view actually requires a number of steps. What I’m noticing is that people are using it more like a search engine (looking through the top results) rather than a feed reader (actually saving the results).

I only have funds to continue at this full time for another 2 months, so every small decision counts. I guess the big question is: should I focus on making the search features better (since that’s what I think is happening) or should I focus on trying to get more people to save things (what I want people to do).

edit: oh, the site is

You should focus on what you want them to do. The thing is that searching and finding what you want is essential (if you can’t find it, you can’t save it) so that may include working on the search feature.

Now, the thing is… why people are not saving feeds? I just created an anonymous feed but… what happens then?

Maybe you should put a small video in your main page to explain how the thing works

Thanks for the feedback molona! Honestly I hadn’t considered what happens after you create a feed lol which seems like an obvious thing to consider

I’m going to take your advice and focus on the search, since that’s not something the other feed readers are big on.

I’ll also make a quicky vid this afternoon, would it be ok to post it here for review? It wouldn’t be more than 20 or 30 seconds

I’ll be happy to have a quick look at it. No probs

Thanks molona!!! I forgot to enable the audio and it’s way, way too fast but this is the basic idea.

That was quick! How did you do it?

The video is nice but I’m not sure that it is the right one. I know it doesn’t have audio but it is better if you tell them a story that explained the basic concepts

  • Do you know what a feed is?
  • Why do you want one?


Look at Jim. He needs to know everything related to football. It’s his passion … and his work. So every morning he visits the same websites, read the same pages… and then do the same searches to check on the latest details. And that takes time… but what if he used a fee?.. and blah blah blah


That’s freaking awesome! I’ll give it a go this weekend, this one took so much focus I temporarily went blind in one eye lol

You’re also right about answering the question about what a feed is - I just asked my friend if she knew and she had no idea. It’s was actually a little trickier to explain than I would have thought

Oh and I made it with a trial version of Adobe After Effects, and a few different videos I found on VideoHive.

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I think that I need to try it out. It looks really good

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