Not linking?

Once I put in the facebook code on my site the 2 links(Take a tour and Start a Chapter stopped linking why is this?
using iframes

or the javascript method

but if I remove the code, the links start working?\

Any ideas…

Not sure what you’re getting at, Luke.

ok, the buttons are supposed to be links (START A CHAPTER and TAKE A TOUR) but when the facebook thing is there, the links dont work, do you see it?

Is there some kind of z-index CSS thing going on? When I turn off CSS the links show up fine.

Your positioning is wonky.

Move your mouse to the right of the start a chapter link and somewhere in there your mouse will turn into a hand (goes to facts_and_research). You’ve absolutely positioned the anchor not over the picture of the button.
Usability nightmare, but then the code before it, where the anchor is illegally wrapping two nested divs… is bleh. Is that from Facebook? Arg losing hair arg…

As Mallory said the links are way out to the right. You need them to be here:

.ttt {margin: 142px 0 0 [B]40px;}[/B]
.gsn {margin: 142px 0 0[B] 250px[/B];}

The above applies to your first link only.

In the second link you have the iframe at 460px width pushing the links even further away (in the first example the iframe is nly50px width).

.ttt { margin: 142px 0 0 -370px;}
.gsn { margin: 142px 0 0 -160px;}

A more stable positioning scheme would have been better rather than margins. Set position relative on the parent container (suite_preview) and then place the links exactly where they need to be using absolute left and top co-ordinates and then ensure the z-index is greater than anything else that may overlap.