Not impressed with typesetting on mobi ebooks

I just updated my jQuery: Novice to Ninja epack to it’s recently released second edition. I was struggling to justify the price being asked considering I already owned the previous edition. I don’t see why Sitepoint can’t offer free (or at least reasonably priced) updates to their ebooks when just about everyone else seems to… Nevertheless, considering I hadn’t actually read all the way through the book I thought I may as well be up to date. Besides, that’s not my issue…

I was also hoping something would have been done about the LAZY (or non-existent?) typesetting on the Kindle (mobi) version. This problem existed in both Sitepoint books I already owned (jQuery, and Simply JavaScript). Unfortunately, that’s not the case… the typesetting is as bad as ever. It’s just plain unpleasant to read and I absolutely expect better for what I paid. This is not professional work… sorry, this is just apalling. I’ve attached some images so you can see what I’m getting at. I don’t think they need much explanation. There is no spacing between… ANYTHING. It’s just a garbled mess.

I’m honestly offended that you think this is good enough for us. Please fix this and actually go to some effort, or else I don’t think I’ll be bothering with Sitepoint books again.

Hi there,
Re pricing, please have a look at this thread.
As for your issues with the formatting, I’ll request a response from the publishing team. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not happy.

yeah, i was kinda shocked to read a similar comment about the kindle version of “simply sql” on amazon…

Good: explains the select statement in a sensible order

[B]Bad: about 3/4 of the book is in bold. Every once in a while it turns off the bold just to show you that yes, they really did use a bold face. WTF, didn’t anybody proofread the book?

A good book if you can get past the shouting. [/B]
(bold in quote added by me for, you know, strong emphasis)

Hi kelseynz … email me at, and we can discuss this issue (Tom, tech editor).

Thanks for the quick responses :). I’ll email you now.

Wow, I think I should count myself lucky that the book is not in bold :O.