Not geting backlinks from Article post

I have some approved article and these are cached by Google also but still not getting backlinks from these article. What is the reasons? Can any one explain it.

What do you mean you’re not getting backlinks from the articles? If it’s cached then more than likely Google sees the backlinks. Keep in mind that Google never actually shows an accurate count of all the backlinks they actually see.

See whether that you have followed the guideliness of article submission.This may be the one of the reason that your not getting backlinks from Article post

you can wait for a few day. Maybe Google index slowly

Hi Tasha,

Did these back-links ever show up? Where were the articles submitted and how do you know they’re cache’d would be my question? Also are you using Google Webmaster Tools for the site?

It’s really not possible to say why, although I can easily say that you won’t get any benefit from article submission. You’re basically doing a ton of work for a very poor backlink.