Not Always Adding To Database

Hi Guys,

I have a little bit of a strange problem. My script is accepting data using the GET functions and then loading a URL up to POST that information. Now i can see from reports how many leads we are posting to our client. Now our script also adds each data we post to our client to our own data. Now the client is reporting a higher number of leads posted to them than whats being added to our database.

Does anyone know why this may be happening? How do i view MySQL errors in case its not been added to the database due to an error? Or how do i code it so if theres a MySQL it will email me with the error?

I have ROOT access to our server so any help would be great.


Are you sure that’s the error, and not that the client is reporting leads that didnt go through your page at all?

Hi StarLion,

Good to see you, no i know its not a problem on our clients side as we have used them for a number of years. Its 100% our side where data is not being added to our MySQL Database. :frowning:

I’ll need to see the code in order to offer an opinion on possible failure points.

I’ll PM it you as i dont really want it all being posted on here for security reason.


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Is there a chance i can email it you if you PM me your email please?