Not able to download big files but can upload

In have a Apache server with MySQL/PHP running on a Windows machine (Quad Core, 4Gb RAM). I have SSL enabled as well.

I can upload a 150Mb file without any issues. Now, if I use a Filemanager to download the files here is that happens:

Files of upto 20Mb work great after that they do not downlaod. For example, if I try a 150Mb file, I get prompted to download the file but it just saves a 0K file.

I have a local WAMPS server which I use to develop and without SSL everything works OK. I have not re-created locally with SSL.

I though at the begining that the problem was with the file manager but with a second different code the exact same thing happens. Any settings at the server level that will prevent this to happen? Why the smaller files download perfectly? I saw issues with 2G files but they do not get even close to that.


Jack P