Norton versions and keys

I have Norton 360 for my Window’s XP machine. It is supposed to work on 3 computers. It won’t load on my new Window’s 7 machine. I was told I need Norton 3.5 to work on the Windows 7 computer.

Do I have to purchase two different version of Norton so each edition can work on the two different operating systems? Or can the new Norton 3.5 work on Windows 7 and Windows XP

The new Windows 7 machine will not take my old key. When I try to use the new key it says my trial version has expired.

Thanks for your help.
PS: Does Norton have a tech number I can call? I sure can’t find it.

Yes you do need to purchase another version. I don’t know why you are using Norton anyway. With the exception of Mcaffee, Norton (Consumer version - not enterprise) is the worst antivirus guard going, it’s a bloat monster, has loads of exploits, poor detection rates (in comparison to something like Kaspersky) and it’s generally a heap of junk. Ditch Norton and get yourself a decent antivirus guard, even some of the free ones offer better protection. :slight_smile:

You need a second license because it’s another PC. Even if it was running the same version of Windows, you can’t just stick the same Norton on there without buying another license.

But I’m with Alex, we used to resell Norton and Symantec products, and we’ve stopped altogether now, for a number of reasons.

That’s not true. When I downloaded my version of Norton it clearly states that it is good for use on 3 computers.

What free antivirus software do you guys recommend me using?

I would go with Avira Antivirus Personal (that’s the free version, there’s a paid for version which is about the same price as Norton which has added features) :slight_smile: <<< I used it for 5 years, and I now use the paid version, it’s detection engine is the best in the industry.

Other good ones include AVG, Comodo, Avast! (there’s loads of them).

Microsoft also released there own free consumer anti-virus/malware built on top of the same engine as Forefront (which has been getting stellar reviews for a while now). Works on Windows XP and 7 without a hitch, just FYI.