Norton Internet Security Problem Help

How can I remove my Norton Internet Security? Even if I uninstall it, it’s still there and blocks my downloads. I hate Norton Internet Security as it doesn’t do a thing.


Which version of NIS do you have?
There are various tools you can use for removal:

You may remove Norton Internet Security… still, most of the time there are few bits and pieces that remains in the computer, specially if when asked about it, you don’t delete the configuration.

This a question that pops up when you go to programs and uninstall it… you can keep the configuration (in case that you decide to re-install it.

Hi Molona,

In an ideal world, this is what happens.
But, NIS can be so stubborn sometimes, that Norton even brought out an official tool to remove it from your PC.
I became aware of this when I had to help a friend of mine uninstall NIS, as it refused to budge when you tried to uninstall it via the control pannel.
This situation seems to occur especially often with OEM versions of the software.

Edit: This links shows what I mean:

I do hope you are using a suitable AV at this point. NIS was a bad experience for me too but fortunately didn’t do much damage. I use kaspersky now

This thread is getting on for two years old and the OP has never returned. I see no benefit in resurrecting it now.

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