Noob question regarding website design


I am looking to make a wallpaper website. I have been told by others to use either Drupal, WordPress, or HostGator to do so. Any ideas or opinions on this? Any information is greatly appreciated.

It depends on what the needs of the site are. Perhaps a static site would be fine. Perhaps list out the needs in more detail. I did a wallpaper (that is, real wallpaper) site last year and used ExpressionEngine for it. Really worked well.

You could try using a CMS to do it like WordPress. However, make sure you understand HTML and CSS fairly well before you try it.

So if I dont know HTML it is pretty difficult to use? Is there no option to pick colors and such and just tweak templates that are already made?

Oh my. :slight_smile:

Not making fun of you, we all had to start from scratch, but please don’t think you can just buy a template, “tweak” it, and have a spiffy, functional Web site up before lunch, or even before spring. Those idiots from Intuit with their “instant Web sites” (just add water and boom! a fancy site and a top Google ranking!) have fooled a lot of people into believing they can just whack something out with no more effort than “building” a MySpace page. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. And if you want to work with a CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, or even the “easy to use” Wordpress, the knowledge and work involved rises significantly.

(By the way, Drupal and Wordpress are content management systems. HostGator is a site host. Two very different critters.)

If you’re doing this for a commercial purpose, you have two reasonable options: set aside a significant amount of time to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and your CMS of choice; or hire a designer to do it for you.

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