Non technical question,but relevant to opportunities related to Python

Hello everyone,

I am requesting insight and advice on some career possibilities. I was looking for some cost-effective professional programs.

I was browsing this course on β†’

I do not have a very detailed idea about deep learning, and neither do I have an explanation or pre pondered thought why I am aspiring for this. I find the topic alluring.

The brainstorming points I am looking to get insight on:

  1. How much prudent it will be to dive into this new topic when I have just started to learn the fundamentals of python?

  2. What opportunities will it provide me. I have previously 3 years work experience in corporate in some technical fields. This course is a beginners level course in terms of the course curriculum or an intermediate one?

Honestly I would start with the basics first and work your way up. Get the fundamentals of Python under your belt. This is because when you learn something else, especially something that can get complex quickly, the last thing you want to also be struggling with is how to model this complex idea in a language you are also learning. It is like taking a creative writing class while you are also trying to learn the alphabet.

As for opportunities, there are numerous positions out there that use this up and coming technology. Think of anything that is trying to understand human behavior and model machines after it. Recommendation engines for e-commerce sites, technical support apps, understanding markets and buying patterns, stock trading, learning apps etc. It is a growing market and I don’t think we fully understand all the applications that can be made for machine learning / deep learning yet. We obviously have only started scratching the surface.

But again, I would recommend learning to walk before you try to walk AND chew gum while patting your head.


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Make sense.

This was very enlightening.

I have one question, which is subjective I know. How many hours of investment can make someone comfortable with Python?

Yes it is very subjective. It depends on your understanding of the material, learning methods, how much time you can dedicate to the endeavor and previous experience with other languages. Since I have experience with a handful of other OOP languages, I found comfortability after a couple hundred hours of practicing (a few weeks) but if it is one of your first languages you can expect a few months. It really just depends.


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