Non-Relevant Ads Being Shown

I have a website dedicated to creating fantasy football cheat sheets. Although there isn’t much content on my home page, the ads that Google is showing aren’t related to my site at all. Looking at my home page, my mark-up is as follows:

Title: “Create Free, Customized Fantasy Football & Racing Cheat Sheets”
H1: “Customized Fantasy Cheat Sheets”
H2: “Create Customized Player Rankings”
H2: “Generate a Printable Cheat Sheet”
H3: “Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets”
H3: “Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheets”

Right now on my home page there are ads for

  1. Direct TB
  2. Email Newsletter Generation
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Email Marketing

My CTR is currently .53%. Any advice on what I can do to get more relevant ads?

Interest based advertising and retargeting can bring up ads that are not relevant to your website but relevant to your browsing behavior