Non Disclosure Agreements & Google Analytics

The above link above best explains an NDA. But here is a situation when i may need to consider committing to an NDA. A third party wants to see our Google Analytics data, do we need to consider the (SEO Company) signing an NDA. If yes is there a boilerplate NDA out there for this type of situation?

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Hey David — does your contract with the SEO company already have an NDA? A good contractor agreement should, which would then cover access to Analytics.

If not, or if you’re still evaluating that SEO team and don’t have a contract with them, I’d definitely use an NDA, even a simple boilerplate one. When I worked at Flippa (a marketplace for buying and selling websites) we would always have an NDA in place before potential buyers got access to the analytics for high-traffic or highly competitive sites. Even a boilerplate one with a few details filled in will define expectations for both parties.

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Thank you for your reply.

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