Nofollow .edu backlinks helpful for increasing PR?

I have a Question?
nofollow .edu backlinks helpful for increasing PR ?

Any NoFollow links are useless for PR.

Only Google has PR because only Google has Larry Page. Since the P in PR is Page as in Larry Page, none of the other search engines would use the algorithm called PR.

No Follow links will not increase PR according to Google.I think it will be ok with Bing.

What research have you done on this?

From Google:

How does Google handle nofollowed links?

In general, we don’t follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links.


Google doesn’t follow them but Yahoo and Bing do.

When you create some external links to your website, if they are high quality, normally, your website can get backlins from the external website.

No follow means, the external links will never bring your any backlinks. it is useless to your PR.

Thanks to share Google link here. Nofollow links are no helpful to increase PR but .edu might be increase little link importance. Because these .edu extension is considered good.

from our experience ,nofollow is no follow either it is .edu .gov or any thing…
i think till now the term like .com nofollow ,.edu no follow has not be defined yet…

but if that .edu site is popular you can get direct visitors or may intice other people to put that link as do follow in their site ,which will aid your PR.
(indirect benefit…)

Shame they don’t use a PR value in their rankings then isn’t it…

How can the TLD help if Google totally ignores the link, as instructed to do by the nofollow attribute?

bing have their own formula what it is im not sure

No, and no.

(1) Google pays no attention to “nofollow” links.
(2) Google does not put any more intrinsic value on a .edu site than any other website.

While .edu websites often do rank highly and are often considered very authoritative and so do pass a good PageRank to any links (except “nofollow” links, obviously), that is because they are good websites rather than because they are .edu websites - the same website could be migrated to .info, .biz or any other TLD and it would carry just as much weight.

No follow links are still useful even if it is widely speculated that they are “useless”. I would suggest using a 80/20 percent rule so you should have 80 percent of your links with follow and 20 percent with no follow. Why? Because this is to sculpt your website structure naturally, additionally no follow links will still draw human visitors, which indirectly, can affect your PR.

If the point is to get links naturally, then you should pay no mind to it. Having high “PageRank” is meaningless.

Google will not pay attation on “nofllow” but yahoo and bing do. So it’s useful.

Complete rubbish. And it’s “attention” and “nofollow”.

only google gives attention for no follow and do follow other search engine treat all links as do follow

No it’s not! Whatever your domain is, it is still useless as inbound link for google if it is in nofollow attribute.

Also only Google have PR since no other company has Larry Page and so can’t use the Ranking algoritm named after him. So nofollow never passes any PR regardless of what companies other than Google do.