Nodejs Hosting

I am looking for a host that supports nodejs. So far I have tried and The project I am hosting used open shift didnt seem to work at all (got 503 errors) then sometimes it did but wouldn’t load Ninjitsu was better but it wouldn’t deploy my folder to the site (apparently it couldn’t find the module even though I installed through NPM and it worked fine locally).

Does anyone have any alternatives for nodeJS hosting?


Hi doddsey_65,

Have you given Amazon hosting a thought. You can specify what OS you want/need and then install the servers you need in a very reasonable price structure based on the volume of usage, so if it is in development the site may not cost you very much; although I don’t know how you plan to work or test it so you will have to check their terms and see if they fit.

With Nodejs you will be hard pressed to find a host that supports it well out of the gate as it is not yet a pervasive technology.


Windows Azure also has NodeJS support as well.

With Windows Azure of course, you only pay for what you use.

I think Webbynode looks good, but you need to find the right fit for your needs and skills.