Nodejs and Mongodb hosting


Im looking for a host which supports mongodb and nodejs. Ive found several that do either one but none so far that do both. It would also be handy if I could deploy though GIT but I can work without that.

If anyone knows of any, please get in touch.


Hi doddsey_65,

Do you need a host that has pre-configured Node.js and Mongo or could you install it on a dedicated VS or a service like Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure?

The installs of these platforms is relatively easy (as far as these types of things go). It may be an option worth looking into.



I was going to say, it sounds like you are going to want a more custom host, - one that gives you server level access to install and configure your own services. a VPS or dedic rather than shared.

I’ve not heard of any hosts doing node.js and mongo for shared accounts.