Node.js Developer Split

What’s anyone think about this who develops using Node.js? Is it a good thing? Bad? Inconsequential?


Late yesterday, some of its primary developers “forked” this open source project, creating a new version of the tool they call Io.js. The group was unhappy with the stewardship of Node’s official sponsor, cloud computing company Joyent, so they’ve chosen to fashion a new version on their own.


I’m not part of the Node.js community, but as an outsider looking in this doesn’t seem like a good thing. It just sounds like fragmentation. People in my world (enterprise) don’t like fragmentation and Node.js was just finally starting to get a foothold.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.


Actually, this article explains it pretty well. Better than what I’ve seen yet anyway. Thanks.

Here’s the HN Discussion:

This will probably be the best source of info as to why. I expect some of the core contributors to show up. It just got posted, so not much there as of me writing this.

Here’s one from last week I missed:

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