No vertical scrolling in Firefox when a flash movie/swf is embedded in html

Hi All,

I have embedded a Flash map of the UK into a web page. The page is a bit long so I want to go the bottom of it but I can’t because the scrollbar is not appearing at all in Firefox, and I can’t even scroll with the mouse-wheel either. But it works well IE. So what’s going on?

Is this a Flash or a Firefox issue?

Please, give me some solutions to this, thank you.

put tag div with class defining hight around swf that should work

did you get the solution for this, I am having a similar problem, I have my swf in a coldfusion page that also has a header and the swf is long, donot get scroll bars in any browser


If you provide a link to the problem page, it is likely that one of the regulars here will have a solution.