No search volumes shown in google keyword tool?

Hi all,

If there are no stats / search volumes shown for a keyword in Google Adwords: Keyword tool does this mean that there is not enough data for Google to list?
i.e the search term has a very low search volume?

I am in the process of doing some keyword research to determine monthly search volumes and competition but have found sometimes that no stats are available.


yes, if the Google keyword tool is unable to provide results, most likely, there is not enough data to show. That means, people are not really searching for those types of keywords. Why not focus on keywords that get traffic.

I figured this was the case but wanted to check. I was asked about a search phrase by a client but when looking on google there was no data available. I am currently looking for keywords with good traffic volumes. Do you have a set process when doing this?


You mean when doing keyword research using Google keyword tool? Basically, just type in the key phrase you want to search. And the look over the results. Screen them according to the standard/preference set by your client. Some would require a certain no. of SEARCH VOLUME and COMPETITION. There are also instances that clients would require a certain amount of CPC. Be sure that the keyword you are going to select passes the client’s standard/preference, otherwise ignore it.

When Google has data on the search volume of a certain keyword, it does provide it, unless its not a restricted search(when a person uses Google search after logging in with a gmail account).

To be more precise about a certain keyword or phrase’s search volume, you must either have a website that is already ranked for that particular keyword or phrase OR must run an Google Adwords campaign to understand the search volume.