No new Year for me :(

No New Year for me i cant even earn online yet
alone get my code to work
i have this blog script i am working on guess that wont be getting
done any time soon :frowning:
also i cant be listed on codester codecanyon as i get declined :frowning:

When You think you Wanna start a Fresh New you in a New Year :frowning:
you cant coz you keep failing :frowning:

Welcome to the forums, @fkcode.

I have to say, that’s an amazingly defeatist attitude for your first post. Presumably you signed up to SitePoint because you’re looking to learn and to get some help and support with that learning. So be positive! Take it one small step at a time and make progress, rather than declaring it’s all a waste of time and giving up.


Hi there fkcode,

a New Year is just a number. :winky:


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And Google is not the place to learn coding.


  1. MDN - Resources for developers, by developers.



I’m wondering why you are writing a blog script when there are already many others out there. Do you see that as a way to earn money?

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