No Header/Footer Displaying

Can someone take a look and tell me why IE is not displaying the header or footer in this design? I see it in Safari and FF: BKSSL� Solid-State Lighting by B-K Lighting

There should be a menu and a footer that look like here: BKSSL� Solid-State Lighting by B-K Lighting

Thank you.

Viewing the the page source, it’s clear why you can’t see them.

<div id="siteHeader" style="display:none;">

So you must have a reason to hide them, and only use scripting to show them.

There is a function called showMenu(), which shows the header and the footer, but it doesn’t seem that anything is calling it.

Thanks, paul_wilkins:

What I have in front of me is a flash site that we’re trying to convert to HTML and I’m trying weed out anything/everything flash based, but I’m heading into some problems. I’ve posted in a variety of forums, but I’m not getting much help.

Since I don’t work with Flash, I’m having a hard time figuring what to get rid of and what to keep and some of the coding is bit foreign (I’m not a complete idiot, but I’m constantly learning).

Instead of blowing up this post full of code, would you or know of someone who can give me assistance? I suppose I’ll need someone who knows Flash and JavaScript.

Like I said, I’ve tried posting (even on Sitepoint Flash) and haven’t received a response.

Thank you again, paul_wilkins for your eyes!

If you are looking to hire and pay someone then you need to ask in the Marketplace section although there is a small fee.

The general forums are for free help and advice and although we all try our best to help we cannot guarantee to answer every question every time.:slight_smile: