"no follow" for only parts of a page?


I have webpage, it’s just one page which includes my phone number, I’m wondering if there is a way to make sure my page is indexed in google but phone number isn’t.

I’m sure I saw a post somewhere that said this could be done but i’ve yet to find it.

Thanks :wink:

Either a page is indexed or it isn’t. You can’t have part of a page indexed.

How about a phone number graphic?

I’ve got an interesting answer for you: Why not download Skype, use the SkypeOut function to redirect any calls to your phone, and then embed your Skype ID into the website… not only will you have a perfect way to filter the harvesters, you’ll have an actual link people using VoIP applications can click and call you from their PC (potential for more calls) - and you could even use it to provide support via their text chat system when you’re online. :slight_smile:

A graphic as a phone number sounds great, thanks Rave!

I also really like the Skype idea, i’ve played with this idea before but originally I wanted to have a SkypeIn number and in Canada that isn’t even an option. I really like your idea Alex, thanks once i’m set up i’m going to look into it a bit more, I’m still a major newbe