No facebook ads on page?

I’ve noticed that there are a few businesses’ pages (eg. Coca cola, Papa John’s Pizza) that display with none of the sponsored ads in the right hand column. I’ve wondered how they’ve done this-is it just a case of paying facebook for the privilege of having no ads? I’ve found plenty of sites explaining how to remove ads as a user, but this is clearly a case of these particular business pages’ set up. Anyone know about this, and how to do this?

I haven’t had Facebook explicitly offer this up in the past so I suspect it’s a fairly new program and for true enterprise partners… Whether they’re paying outright or it’s just one of the many tests Facebook is trying to woo business dollars is unclear.

It would be my assumption that they are paying for the privilege. If you are from Coca-Cola, you don’t want to see a Pepsi ad on your page or have your visitors click away to find a Pizza to eat with their beverage – whether it’s your beverage or not!

I think if you checked Facebook for business (developers) whatever they are calling it, you will find those options but I’m also pretty sure they won’t be free. Their new “Promote as Important” thing for your posts costs $7.00 a crack so they are leaning less and less towards the free stuff and more and more towards paid.