No cookies shopping cart

Does anyone know what the best way to achieve this would be?

I am developing an e-store using Ubercart+Drupal, which so far is going quite well. The company wants to allow users with cookies disabled to still be able to place orders (apparently they get quite a few customers from companies who disable all cookies).

I don’t really want to spend too long on this, as it’s not exactly a feature to brag about. I was thinking some maybe some javascript linking with a new window.


If you have a good number of users disabling cookies, what makes you think they’ve got Javascript enabled?

Since users are adding things to carts by hitting submit buttons, you’ve got them talking with the server, so, something like a session? You know that as long as they are talking to more than just their browser, you’ve got the potential to store something. The question is, how are these cookie-less users planning on using the site? Do they expect to return in a few days and find stuff in their shopping cart? More likely they want to hit the back button or something, in a few-hours-long timeframe.

Just rambling in hopes of an idea springing up somewhere, I’m a JS-less and usually cookie-less web surfer.

That’s a good point about the javascript.

A session would be the perfect solution. I’ve looked into url session handling and it seems that because of Drupal’s internal link handling, it would not be possible (with Drupal). Also, in terms of security this would not be a great option.

The only other solution I can think of is an order form, where the user can enter in a list of product numbers and the total calculated on the next page.