No cache of Facebook OG data for new share url's


I am dynamically creating new url’s that people can share on Facebook that are created based on the products they have in a shopping cart e.g.

The problem is that this new url that is generated will not have been cached by Facebook when it is being shared so the OG data will not be available. Is their an way through the API maybe to request that Facebook cache a new url before the share popup is shown to the user on my site?


Use the Facebook Debugger. (You’ll need a Facebook account.) LINK

  • Add the story headline and hit ‘debug’.

  • Hit ‘fetch a new scrape’

You may have to hit the ‘fetch new scrape’ button a couple of times. Check the correct image / headline shows in the bottom section. You have now cleared the cache.

Hi William_Peterson,

Unfortunately, I cant use the Facebook ‘fetch new scrape’ as the url’s are being created dynamically by the user.

I see now, I thought it was from Facebook itself. That’s what I get for answering before my first cup of coffee in the morning.

From your site are you using wordpress? if so ensure you using custom permalinks %postname%

  • It will then produce the friendly urls that you seek.

If not then you need to generate friendly urls from your website for sharing the links.

Facebook will only share the actual link(s)

I hope this answers your question.

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